A Solar Desalinator to ease human activities on Santa Luzia

On the uninhabited island of Santa Luzia, Cape Verde, SMILO financed the purchase and installation of a solar desalinator. This innovative and sustainable solution will allow a better and easier access to water for local fishermen and conservation national and international teams.

Producing biogas by reducing organic waste pollution on Santa Luzia

On the island of Santa Luzia, Cape Verde, a project of local transformation of organic waste and human feces into gas is being implemented. This sustainable methanisation process is made possible with a HOMEBIOGAS technology and aims at reducing pollution and insalubrity on the island.

Mangrove conservation in Principe

On the Island of Principe, local actors work on activities to preserve and promote a sustainable use of their mangroves. SMILO financed activities part of a larger program aiming at conserving and sustainably using this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Restoring ancient cisterns in Kerkennah for a sustainable water management

In the framework of a project financed by SMILO’s Islands Fund and the French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM), the Island Committee and the Municipality of Kerkennah (Tunisia) are restoring ancient cisterns and impluviums. This project aims at improving water access, use and management on the island.

Sustain local agriculture to counter malnutrition and environmental impacts

On the island of Ibo, Mozambique, SMILO and its Fund for Islands are financing a project to develop sustainable agriculture at local level in order to counter malnutrition. This project is implemented by Istituto Oikos, in direct collaboration with the Serviços Distritais das Actividades Economicas (SDAE), the operational branch of Government of Ibo in charge […]

Sorting waste at source in Gorée, Senegal

In Senegal, off the coasts of Dakar, the small island of Gorée is pushing forward a sustainable waste management system through its project “Gorée Sett Fepp” (“Gorée Totally Clean” in Wolof). Rewarded in 2018 by the SMILO Sectorial Award for Waste, the Island Committee and its partners keep developing solutions to optimise the selective sorting […]

Organic waste management in Principe

In Principe, SMILO’s Islands Fund is financing a project to manage and recover bio-waste on the island. The objective is to provide local technicians with waste management technology, and to train them in cooperation with experts from the Spanish city of Pontevedra.

Preserve traditional sponge fisheries in Kraten, Tunisia

In the Kerkennah islands, Tunisia, the Kraten Association for Sustainable Development, Culture and Leisure (AKDDCL) implemented a small project aiming at preserving and raising awareness about sponges and its traditional fisheries in the city of Kraten, funded by SMILO.