Women of Kerkennah, leaders of a sustainable tourism development

On Kerkennah, local handcraft has always been part of the island’s culture and heritage. The municipality of Kerkennah worked together with local associations and stakeholders to promote this heritage by including it in a larger tourism development plan.

Producing local sustainable fish and seafood in Brownsea

The Island of Brownsea, United Kingdom, has limited food production. The island’s buying of food has then to be sustainable to reduce the negative impacts on the environment, especially due to tourism consumption. Local women, with the support of SMILO, the Anna Lindh Foundation and the European Union, cooperated to address this issue and develop […]

In Lastovo, the olive oil production promotes sustainable tourism

Lastovo is the most remote island in Croatia. The access to many resources, including tourism, is complicated for this territory and its inhabitants. Local institutions and entrepreneurs cooperated to find sustainable alternatives to develop tourism on the island, based on a traditional local product: olive oil.

Diversifying tourism in Paros to mitigate mass tourism effects

The island of Paros welcomes more than 720,000 visitors each year, most of them coming in a narrow time during summer. To counter the negative effects of mass tourism, the local stakeholders, partly led by women initiatives, implemented initiatives to diversify the resources coming from tourism, in activity and on time.