Becoming a plastic-free island

The use of single-use plastic was an issue for Zlarin. They were costly for business owners and would have visual impacts on the island when discarded. The first goal was thus to reduce single-use plastic items in particular and plastics in general. The plastic-free initiative came from the association Tatavaka and a group of people […]

A shredder to better manage green waste on the Levant island

On the Levant island, off Hyères south of France, the syndicate of co-owners of Héliopolis set up a new system of green waste management with the support of SMILO and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. The new system is based on shredding, instead of burning this waste on the island.

Producing biogas by reducing organic waste pollution on Santa Luzia

On the island of Santa Luzia, Cape Verde, a project of local transformation of organic waste and human feces into gas is being implemented. This sustainable methanisation process is made possible with a HOMEBIOGAS technology and aims at reducing pollution and insalubrity on the island.

Sorting waste at source in Gorée, Senegal

In Senegal, off the coasts of Dakar, the small island of Gorée is pushing forward a sustainable waste management system through its project “Gorée Sett Fepp” (“Gorée Totally Clean” in Wolof). Rewarded in 2018 by the SMILO Sectorial Award for Waste, the Island Committee and its partners keep developing solutions to optimise the selective sorting […]