Women of Kerkennah, leaders of a sustainable tourism development

On Kerkennah, local handcraft has always been part of the island’s culture and heritage. The municipality of Kerkennah worked together with local associations and stakeholders to promote this heritage by including it in a larger tourism development plan.

Restoring ancient cisterns in Kerkennah for a sustainable water management

In the framework of a project financed by SMILO’s Islands Fund and the French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM), the Island Committee and the Municipality of Kerkennah (Tunisia) are restoring ancient cisterns and impluviums. This project aims at improving water access, use and management on the island.

Preserve traditional sponge fisheries in Kraten, Tunisia

In the Kerkennah islands, Tunisia, the Kraten Association for Sustainable Development, Culture and Leisure (AKDDCL) implemented a small project aiming at preserving and raising awareness about sponges and its traditional fisheries in the city of Kraten, funded by SMILO.